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Year 4

Are you ready to explore exciting new avenues, challenges, and responsibilities to become the best you can be, whilst having fun along the way? Well, step right into Year 4 – an important year right at the heart of Key Stage 2.

After successfully transitioning into Key Stage Two, our Year 4 pupils already know the routines for juniors and understand their role as independent learners, thinkers and decision-makers. The children are encouraged to research, plan, and revise their work more by themselves as they dig deeper into topics - setting the foundations for upper key stage two and ultimately, lifelong learning. 

In maths, we follow ‘Maths - No Problem!’ which follows the National Curriculum and the Singapore maths approach - teaching maths for mastery and placing a great emphasis on developing problem-solving skills. Lessons focus on the development of fluency in core topics including place value, fractions and the four rules of number, before deepening their understanding through reasoning. Children work with numbers up to 10 000 in Year 4 and are expected to master all times tables by the end of the year. 

Whole class reading takes place daily, immersing children in high-quality literature to enhance and stretch reading skills, such as vocabulary and inference, in order to deepen understanding. Our first classic novel - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis - has been an instant hit and the children have been drawn into the enchanting world of Narnia; in fact, they just can’t put it down!  In addition to whole-class reading, children will develop their independent reading skills through Accelerated Reader ‘relax and read’ daily sessions in which children read a book at their level and then quiz on this book to show their understanding of the text. 

Our language-rich novels will inspire much of our quality writing as we learn to write for different audiences and purposes by studying a variety of genres. VGP (vocabulary, grammar and punctuation/spelling) are embedded into English lessons. Children in Year 4, learn and apply more challenging spelling rules in writing as well as getting to grips writing skills such as using apostrophes for plural possession, fronted adverbials and inverted commas - to name a few!  

At Browney Academy, we take pride in our cross-curricular approach to learning that allows our children to make meaningful links between their learning and the world around them. A range of exciting topics await our Year 4 pupils: ‘Traders and Raiders,’ ‘Misty Mountain, Winding River, ‘Road Trip USA’ and ‘1066’ will undoubtedly spark our children’s natural curiosity, securing deep and meaningful learning. Exciting virtual experiences and tours will enhance our topics until we can take part in exciting outdoor trips once again.   

We are looking forward to a fantastic year filled with wonderful experiences in which the children continue to develop independence and confidence and work with a growth mindset and resilience to achieve their best at school.  

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What their teacher says...

I love working at Browney Academy, a school rooted in ambition and high expectations, where everyone is encouraged to be the best they can be. This year, I am delighted to be embarking on a new learning journey with Year 4; no doubt it will be a year packed full of fun, challenge and determination.

What the children say:

I love my classroom. I really enjoy story time, art, English, maths and many more things! This school is just like home. - Oksana My favourite lessons are story time and I love learning to play the guitar. I think Browney can't get any better. - Alexander
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