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Year 2

This very exciting and important year marks a time of growth in independence and responsibility for the children coming to the end of Key Stage 1. Children are supported to take ownership of their learning and are encouraged to discover their creativity across the curriculum, ready for the challenges awaiting them in Key Stage 2

Through a diverse range of new opportunities, children are encouraged to apply their blossoming skills through our creative cross-curricular Cornerstones topics. As the eldest children in Key Stage 1, they take on greater responsibility, being role models for the younger children.

In English, children learn and apply spelling rules in writing as well as getting to grips with some tricky grammatical terminology, including expanded noun phrases, subordinating conjunctions and adverbs. Children will become confident with adding commas and apostrophes to their writing, as well as continuing to develop their understanding of the range of punctuation they have been introduced to in Year 1. There will be a greater focus on handwriting in Year 2, with correct letter formation being emphasised, helping the children produce clear and well-presented writing.

In maths, children learn a range of strategies to allow them to add and subtract with two-digit and one-digit numbers. Strategies are introduced using a structured approach that moves from real life resources (concrete) to drawings and diagrams (pictorial) and finally to written methods (abstract), for example, column addition and subtraction. Children are encouraged to apply their skills by solving challenges and real-life problems to deepen their understanding of the number system and their calculation strategies.

Science in Year 2 is exciting and always great fun! With scientific investigation being at the heart of our science lessons, children will explore a range of questions to help them gain a deepened understanding of the world we live in. Children will enjoy a rich and diverse curriculum, enhanced by a variety of inspiring trips and visitors. In Year 2, children work as scientists to explore: living things and their habitats, plants, animal, humans and uses of everyday materials.

What their teacher says...

I am thrilled to begin my teaching career in a place as caring and inclusive as Browney. I aim to create an environment where children are encouraged daily, work hard and believe in themselves, and through this, I believe that every child is more than capable of achieving.
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