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Year 6

As children enter upper Key Stage Two, we really start to see them blossom into the young adults that they will soon become. Each individual pupil has their own wonderful skill set that will be supported, encouraged and progressed, be that in the arts, social skills or academic achievement.

There is a much more specific focus and dedication within the core subjects of maths, writing, reading and science than in previous year groups, as we prepare for Standard Attainment Tests (SATs). Yet we aim to make all of the learning that takes place as personalised and enjoyable for the children as we can; every single day!

Meeting authors and illustrators such as Adam Bushnell and Liz Million are among some of the many ways in which we bring literacy to life at Browney Academy. We introduce children to books that will ignite their imagination and their love of reading; the Harry Potter collection and books by authors such as Michael Morpurgo and David Walliams are amongst our favourites. Children are encouraged to read at home as often as possible, through their own choice of authors and genres from our extensive library, which increases their vocabulary and spelling skills to add to the valuable work that we carry out in class.

Many children find their time in this class catalytic, as they find resources, skills and abilities within themselves that previously lay undiscovered. Acting as role models and buddies to the younger children in school, they build a sense of pride and an ability to nurture, whilst their independent tasks and duties such as librarians, playground leaders and monitors instil a sense of self-belief and achievement. Pupils often find this time of primary education the most memorable of their childhood – we certainly remember each and every one of them on their journey through education.

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What their teacher says...

Teaching at Browney allows me to work with children as unique individuals: to guide them in becoming resilient, literate, engaged, creative human beings - educated not just for exam success but for life in the wider world.
Mr Vasey