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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! This is an exciting time for children as they embark on their Key Stage 2 journey and develop into more mature, independent and responsible members of school. There are many new, interesting opportunities available to the children this year such as modern foreign languages, learning an instrument and swimming lessons.

Daily maths lessons will enable the children to develop the fluency of their basic skills and encourage the use of problem solving as well as real world application. We will also focus on mental maths and becoming times table superstars, counting in 3s, 4s, 8s 50s and 100s.

In English, children will be exposed to a diverse range of texts and spend time exploring novels both for enjoyment and to gain an understanding of their meaning. Writing in Year 3 will consist of producing a range of genres such as adverts, stories, instructions and newspaper articles. Children will be applying the punctuation and grammar they already know as well as learning about determiners, adverbs, prepositions, inverted commas and more!

Spelling is an essential part of our English curriculum and we will be focusing on securing our knowledge of ‘tricky words’ as well as learning new rules and furthering our own vocabulary. 

Children will continue to be inspired and learn the foundation subjects through our creative cross-curricular Cornerstones topics including Scrumdiddlyumptious, Tribal Tales and Predator! Science lessons will give us the opportunity to investigate interesting questions and carry out fascinating experiments based on our topics.

What their teacher says:

Becoming part of Browney Academy is an extremely exciting opportunity and I am delighted to begin my journey in Year 3! I believe that in order for the children to reach their potential and excel in their learning, it is essential that they are provided with an engaging, stimulating and happy environment.
Miss Hutchinson

What the children say:

“I love my new school because everyone has been nice to me. I like working hard and my teacher is always helpful to me.” (Henley)

What the children say:

“I love learning in Year 3. My favourites so far are maths and ukulele lessons!” (Macey) “My classroom is fun. I love when we listen to stories and talk about them together. We learn a lot so that we can grow up to be clever and have good jobs.” (Tom)