A visit from Ben and Jet!

Date Published:
Thursday 01 July 2021
Police visit

This week the children of Browney Academy were visited by PC Claire Kerr and her police dogs Jet and Ben. Jet and Ben are two labradors that support 'stranger danger' and internet safety education.

Over 20 years a number of dogs have taken on the role, but Jet is always a black labrador and Ben, a golden labrador. They taught our pupils some very important lessons about how to keep safe, especially coming up to the summer holidays. Our children learned that: 
• They must not talk to strangers 
• To stay with their adult when they are out and not to walk off. 
• To stay safe and remember road safety 
• That safe strangers to ask for help are; police people, doctors, fire people, nurses, teachers, shop keepers and people with a name badge.

We wish everyone a safe and happy summer!