Reception's fluffy friends!

Date Published:
Friday 21 May 2021
Reception chicks

Our Reception children have had an exciting fortnight watching their eggs hatch into chicks and they were wowed to discover that chicks have an egg tooth to help them break out which falls off once they have hatched. 

Pupils watched them develop into fluffy balls of yellow cuteness and moved them from the incubator into the brooder box. The chicks have been starting to grow their big chick feathers and flap their wings this week! Reception loved making little obstacle courses for them each day so they got plenty of exercise.

Today the children are saying goodbye to their fluffy friends as they go back to the farm to hopefully lay eggs and begin the lifecycle again. The class have learnt so much from our little visitors but hopefully, we will see some chicks again next year! 

When asked which animal the children would like next, Reception asked for a tiger or a bear...🤔😂