Pupil premium

The government offers funding to tackle inequalities between children on free school meals and their peers called the pupil premium. Pupil Premium funding supports pupils who are currently eligible for free school meals, or who have been eligible for free school meals at any point in the last six years.

For the academic year 2017/2018 our pupil premium funding was £25,155 which we allocated to the following areas:

  • Contribution to additional staff supporting pupils £19,650
  • Extracurricular provision/trips/visits £4,240
  • Pupil welfare and uniform costs £1,020
  • Music lessons £245

The impact of that expenditure on pupil premium children was as follows:

  • 75% of all pupils supported by the pupil premium funding accessed breakfast and after school sporting provision which increased children’s weekly participation in sporting activities. 
  • For those children attending breakfast club, punctuality/attendance are in line with our school target.
  • All children received specific individual support with core subject intervention sessions. This targeted provision was successful in enabling pupils to catch up with other pupils if they had fallen behind and for others, to accelerate their progress further.
  • Uniforms were subsidised up to 50%. School trips were also subsidised and this enabled equal access to enrichment activities for all children.
  • Regular reading opportunities have been provided to all children allocated pupil premium funding in their receipt of the First News children’s newspaper weekly.
  • Guitar and clarinet lessons were subsidised by up to 50% to enable a larger proportion of children with pupil premium funding access to music tuition.

For the academic year 2018/2019 our pupil premium forecast funding is £26,400

Our strategy in respect of the pupil premium allocation for the current academic year, based on the needs of our pupils is:

  • to provide additional teaching support especially in reading, writing and mathematics
  • to provide additional learning resources to support individual’s specific needs
  • to offer breakfast and after school provision to improve health and nutrition
  • to offer opportunities for enrichment through school activities such as art and music. 

The attendance and punctuality of pupils supported by pupil premium funding overall is somewhat lower than other pupils. The provision of a breakfast club improves attendance and punctuality as a healthy and nutritious breakfast ensures a good start to the school day.

Pupil premium funding enables pupils to take part in all extra-curricular activities and also to take advantage of music tuition. 

Pupil premium funding facilitates greater access to a range of text types and reading genres as all children receive the children’s newspaper ‘First News’.



Estimated spend

Breakfast club (18)*

To improve attendance, punctuality and to provide breakfast and sporting provision.


After school clubs (18)

Access to enrichment activities and increased participation in sport.


Music lessons (8)

Greater opportunity for children to access music enhancements.


Residential trips (11)

To support access to outdoor and adventurous PE, increase access to physical activity.


Teaching support - intervention/safeguarding/welfare (28)

Specific support for all individuals


Materials for reading, writing, maths and phonics (28)

Specific support for all individuals


*Predicted number of children accessing the provision.

Browney Academy measures the impact of the above provision through half termly progress reviews, intervention records and attendance at breakfast club and extra-curricular activities.

A formal review of our pupil premium strategy will be undertaken in July 2019.